Solid red light when reference voltage plugged in

I have 3 devices, and I noticed the first one I purchased had a red light on it shortly after installing the most recent device. As soon as I plugged it in every time, just a solid red.
I took out the SD card and looked at the logs, there was nothing recent.

After reading here a good bit, I decided I would flash the firmware. I copied the SD files over to the root and flashed the firmware as other posts have instructions. All seemed to go well so I hooked it back up and still saw the same solid red light.

I decided to just un-plug everything and only plug the USB power in and saw the red green green, then more green solid lights after and I could even access the UI. I plugged in everything and still green light. (Though I think my UI has issues as its dog slow and doesn’t work).
I then decided to restart the unit by powering down and then on - got the same solid red light.
So it looks like if I leave the reference voltage in, the thing sits at a solid red light w/ no logs. If I plug the USB power in first, then the reference voltage - it boots up.
This kinds sucks on power outages, etc.
I’m also guessing I messed something up w/ the firmware or files which is why the UI is not working so well (I pulled the release from your github repo and grabbed the firmware.bin and the root files from SD, but I left my config).

Would love a little help.

Do you have three reference transformers or are you splitting one into multiple units? if so, do you have three independent USB power supplies?

I have 3 reference transformers and 3 usb power supplies.

2 units are on my main panel, 3rd unit is in a basement subpanel