[SOLVED] Can't edit config.txt at the root of the SD Card

I am trying to copy and paste all the measurements from InfluxDB v1 to v2 by copying the “outputs” array of objects in the config.txt json for influx v1 and pasting it under v2. But when I CTRL+S the config file I get an error returned. My browser dev tools reports a HTTP 403 on attempt to save the config file.

I thought I was able to edit the config file directly in the editor before. Granted it was a few years ago so my memory is a little foggy here.

Is there an easy way to migrate all my 39 measurements from v1 to v2?

config.txt is protected from upload. To replace it you must upload a file named confit+1.txt. IoTaWatt will attempt to install it. If it succeeds, your old configuration will become config-1 and the new file will become config.txt. If it fails, the file will be discarded and the old config will remain.

It’s a mechanism to vet changes to the config and to guard against errors uploading a new file.

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@overeasy Thanks that did it! Is that a new feature in the last year or so? Or is my memory just terrible? :slight_smile:

Without looking it up I think it was introduced in 02_06_xx. Since then, I don’t believe anyone has reported losing their config.