[Solved] InfluxDB V1 Uploader

Hi All, I setup my new IoTaWatt on December 31st 2021. All the tags units were set as Wh. On January 1st 2022, I decided to reset all the tags units to Watt and use a new InfluxDB database. This is has been working fine!

However, I noticed that even though I selected December 31st as the start date to upload history data;
IoTaWatt never uploaded any of the previous data as can be seen on the Grafana screenshot I have added here.

How can I force IoTaWatt to upload the missing data to my InfluxDB instance?

Stop the uploader with the stop button in the status display.

Drop all of the series in the data base.

Restart the uploader.

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Thank you for the fast! Back filling the data is going to take a while. :slight_smile: