Sorta larger than average IoTaWatt installation

I recently completed my IoTaWall installation, and thought I would share. This is a new house that has a reasonably large electrical system covering 9 panels. Incoming service from PGE is 600amps total with a 400 amp primary service and a 200 amp dedicated TOU EV Charging service.

One of my design goals with the system was to have complete monitoring of every circuit. This ended up being 120 circuits total spread across 12 IotaWatts so far. Some panels needed two IotaWatts since they had > 14 circuits. I also have a dedicated server room that is powered off a 16 kVa Symmetra UPS, and that is also instrumented.

One thing I did during design was to add a dedicated panel box below each electrical box specifically to hold to IotaWatts, and also added conduit from those boxes to the panels.

I still need to instrument the 4 Tesla chargers, but that will come next.

I’m sending data from every device into Influx, and using Grafana for display.

A few pictures:


That is quite impressive. Care to share some of what you are doing with grafana and influxdb?

how do you get wifi signal out of your iotawatt panel boxes?

Do you leave the doors off them?

Use plastic doors?

No, the Wifi works fine even with the metal lids on, assuming the AP is relatively close. In my case I have AP’s in the ceiling in each room, so it is line of sight from the APs to the Iotas (but through the metal case).

The metal box will reduce the wifi signal strength, but not as much as you might expect if the box also has holes in it ( in my case hole in the top to connect to the electrical panel).