Split Core or Clamp On

The bundle offers both Split Core and Clamp On for the mains?

Is there a difference in accuracy or any other features I should consider when ordering?

The advantage of the clamp-on is easier installation. The split-core are slightly better on paper in that they are 0.5% vs 1% for the clamps, but both give excellent results.

Thanks. What is the best CT if I want to monitor more than 1 circuit with one CT?

That depends on total Amps expected and total wire bundle size. The options are:

400A x 36mm
200A x 25mm
100A x 16mm
50A x 10mm

I have 3 240 circuits I would like to monitor, pool filter, air handler and ac compressor. Can those be handled with one CT or should they have two?

That’s all explained here.

Thanks for the link.