Split-phase CT installation questions

Interesting. I decided to do this with my setup. I joined 2 circuits into one and all seemed good so I decided to try it with a couple more. One of those circuits (floor heating,breakers image below) already had one CT on it (2 black wire from the right) and I doubled in IotaWatt. When I include the other black (on the right, outlets in same room) I got the reverse icon on the status page. I rechecked the CT and it was installed correctly.

Instead of using the 2nd black wire I tried joining the white along with the far right black. Same issue/icon. I then removed the white leaving only the far right black wire. Same issue/icon. No idea why this circuit appears “reversed”. Anyway…

I then connected the two wires but I looped the far right so it came in from the bottom(like the instructions for installing 1 ct with double breaker) while the 2nd from right as normal), coming in from top. Do you think this will work ok?

Well, it might work but the numbers will be out of whack. :blush: The 2nd breaker on the right has Double and enabled which, of course, would double the values of the 1st circuit as well which would be incorrect.
:crazy_face:Really need to stop messing with breaker panels when my head isnt on straight

Please read the split-phase docs.

Split-phase alternates 180° with each breaker position as you go down the panel and so technically CTs should be reversed, but they are accurate either way. When you see the reverse symbol, it simply means the IoTaWatt senses the reversed CT and is correcting the power value to be positive. If you want to eliminate the informative reverse symbols, you can physically reverse the CT or you can virtually reverse it in the setup by checking “reverse”.

All that said, when you combine two adjacent breakers in a split phase panel, one of them needs to go through the CT the opposite way, effectively physically reversing the CT for that wire.

You are correct that combining 120V and 240V (doubled) wires will not work. You could combine the 1st black and the white and add the middle black in the opposite direction, then uncheck double, effectively treating it as three 120V circuits.