Split phase current measurement and IoTaWatt news

Hello Bob, first of all I’m sorry to see the open retail go away! I know what you mean about logistics. It is a great product, I bought 3 units and they have been working perfectly. Not that it helps you but I would always buy something made in the USA or Europe over other markets around the world, would gladly pay the extra money… specially if it is UL cert!.

One unit is serving practically 220 circuits (I am in the US). And I had a CT on each leg of the split phase. I knew that I had to add both power levels because my reference is 120V, so each power measurement is 1/2 the power consumed.

I recently installed a new 220V circuit and I do not have more spaces in that IoTaWatt. So I grabbed one of the circuits and used one of the CTs to measure the other circuit. On that panel now I have two circuits that only have one CT.

I went to the configuration and clicked on the “double” option. But to my surprise that also doubled the amount of current. I was definitely not expecting that! I think the current is the same… you get 10A on one leg and because it is a balanced 220V those 10A will go through the other leg…
The power needs to double but not the current.

Do I have something wrong in my logic?

Some more background:

  1. I need current because I want to do a load study.
  2. I have one extra channel I can use to measure 220V and have a reference I can use to get the correct power (as I do on the other 2 IoTa Watts, which is a different topic but that helped me prove I had a floating neutral and a Virtual Neutral being generated by my battery inverter!).

I hope you can answer, mostly on if my logic is sound… Thanks!