Split Phase system (180 deg) dual VT reference

currently waiting on my IotaWatt, but I have read the manual! (RTFM!)
So I am in rural Australia on a 240-(N)-240 system, 180 degree phase (Similar to US system).
I would like to use 2 VT references mainly because I will have heavy loads on one phase due to the 7200W load of my new Kona Electric car.
Is it possible to use the second VT with standard software (so the power measurement is more realistic)?
Thanks, Doug

Hi Doug,

Short answer is yes.

The standard (and only) firmware allows any input to be configured as a VT. The V5 IoTaWatt unit provides hardware connections for up to three VTs on inputs 0, 13 and 14. When more than one VT is configured, you will need to specify which VT is the reference for each CT (default is VT on input 0).

Thanks for the quick response. When the unit arrives, I will start the config.

btw, I have a wired connection to the shed where the inverters & power box is installed. Currently have a hub to get the info from the SolarEdge inverters & Victron CCGX. I will replace that with a simple 4 port router with wifi. (TL-WR841). Thats the cheapest wifi interface you could find. I could even load OpenWRT if I feel so inclined.

Please observe all precautions if you go inside that panel. 480 Volts is deadly. Electricians here do not go inside 480V panels while hot unless using protective gloves and observing greatest precautions. I recommend an electrician and/or shutting it down.

Thanks for the warning. It is not as bad as that due to the Neutral earth.
I am a retired Biomedical Tech, so well aware of High Voltages. (Defibs are deadly)
I have worked on all sorts of equipment: even a lightning generator! (Used for testing fibre repeaters)
Luckily, in Australia, electrical standards are high, so the chance of getting electrocuted while possible, is generally not probable.
I am also building an OpenEVSE to charge my car… (Love Open Source! a PCLinuxos user for 15+ years)