SREC credits Pennsylvania

I have a Solaredge 7.6kw inverter (self-installed diy April 2023). I also installed the iotawatt in May 2023.

Is there a way to output the generation figures automatically rather than manually? I realize that this is a local issue as only some states are part of this.

From the website, “If you own a renewable energy resource, you’re probably looking to capture value from it. PJM-EIS offers the Generation Attribute Tracking System (GATS) which helps resource owners earn revenue through a unique market. GATS enables resource owners to convert power into a tradable Renewable Energy Certificate (REC). A REC is created for every megawatt-hour of electricity generated. Anyone who registers a certified generator in GATS can sell their RECs. Registering a generator begins by looking at the state program information.”

Not too clear on the question.

There are a number of ways to output generation with IoTaWatt. You can upload to PVoutput, InfluxDB orEmoncms, or you can save Graph+ that produces daily, weekly or monthly totals.

I don’t have PV but a lot of folks here in the Northeast, especially Massachusetts, sell SRECs. I believe they need to be certified by a broker that then trades them. The arrangements I’m familiar with the broker gets the numbers from the SolarEdge inverter uploads.

Thanks @overeasy
I have been uploading data to which is a great website to help me to analyze cumulative data over time. You have been very helpful.

My guess is that if you have solar installed by a company that continues to monitor, they will serve as the aggregator and then input your data into the SREC website. I am surprised that I have to do this manually. I just logged in and entered my April and May data. I was hoping there was an automated way to do this.

Maybe I will ask them.

The first (through the 15 if I forget) of each month I enter the total cumulative # from my inverter into a website for my credits. Apparently I’m on the hobo plan where I have to do it all myself.

I guess I am on the hobo plan too. i will just add it in manually :slight_smile:

I’m in PA also and had it professionally installed. I don’t think IoTaWatt or DIY vs pro install will come into the picture here. You likely have a production meter attached to your inverter, and that is what is used for tracking SRECs. I’ll paraphrase the information my installer shared with me:

  1. You can register directly with GATS as you’re doing now. You will need to enter the numbers manually and connect directly with sellers.

  2. There are a number of brokers who will handle selling for you and charge a small fee. I believe they aggregate solar generation and sell in bulk. I believe some of these brokers (SRECtrade?) will use the SolarEdge API so you don’t have to manually enter production numbers. Personally, I have to manually enter it each month. Here are a list of some:

  • SRECTrade
  • Knollwood Energy (this is who I use)
  • Flett Exchange
  • SolSystems

Thank you for this information. I do have a production meter inside the Solaredge meter which provides the data I entered last month.

I guess I need to try the broker route?

I will do some more research as I would love for this to be an automated process.

I decided to go with Knollwood, mostly because they responded to emails promptly. $5 minimum transaction fee per SREC, and current SREC prices are $42 for 1 Mwh. Oh well.

I use Knollwood as well. I too wish it was an automated process but it’s not. I have a meter for my PV in my garage but if for some reason I’m not home I can also look at my dashboard from Enphase to see my numbers for reporting.