SSH Access to IotaWatt?

I am much more comfortable managing linux using SSH but can see no discussion of setting it up on IotaWatt?

If there is a thread/instructions would someone please point me in the right direction.

The IoTaWatt uses an ESP8266 for its processing. This device is not a NIX-based OS. Unless @Overeasy builds an SSH server into his codebase, there is no SSH access that I know of. Only a GUI version. I think with limited memory on the ESP8266, it would be difficult to add this feature without impacting other things. Just my thoughts.

@quella is right, there is no ssh in the unix sense. IoTaWatt will talk on the internet using port-forwarding in your router. Set an arbitrary public port to pass through to the IoTaWatt local IP port 80. Of course this exposes your IoTaWatt to the unwashed millions out there. You can gain some limited protection by setting up an admin password. It uses digest authorization which is just a cut above basic authorization in that it never sends the password in plaintext and the plaintext password is not stored in the IoTaWatt. The payload however is not encrypted. Digest isn’t universally implemented the same in browsers, so try it first.

Another approach is to use something like nginx on your local LAN as a reverse proxy to provide a true secure connection. Some users have said they have done this. Exactly how to do it isn’t something I have looked into. If you do set it up, or if anybody else has, please put together a tutorial and post it here. It would make a great addition to the project.

Been working on the ESP32 lately as well, and the potential is there to provide a secure connection, although that’s over the horizon right now.

Thanks, sorry for my misunderstanding of the environment.