Statsd remote server support

Just wondering if there are any plans to support sending data to a statsd server ?

It looks like it would be a good fit, not just for the power usage but also for stats from IotaWatt such as temperature and memory usage. It would allow logging to services such as Graphite for time-series storage and Grafana for graphing.

Not on my radar, but if you want to fork the code and write yourself a server, it’s not that hard.

Can you give me some details about setting up a development environment as I couldn’t find any documentation on GitHub or in the Wiki. It looks like the basic development environment is C++ / VS Code / Platform IO (Have never used Platform IO but that’s no issue) but I’m unsure about the intended method of deployment / workflow. The automatic update mechanism doesn’t seem to allow the injection of arbitrary update packages (E.g. From the SD card) and even if I were to deploy via a proxy, the update signature would stop me from applying my package.

It would be nice if you could supply an alternative update URL and public key for development purposes. That way you could quite easily do some remote development without opening it up or disconnecting it.

Platformio can flash the esp directly through a serial link. You can replace the secure update with the standard OTA class if you want to be able to do that.

That’s about the extent of the assistance I have the time to provide. Pio has a user forum to help you with that. There is a lot of information available for the esp environment.