Status frame size

When the Status panel is displayed, if the displayed text strings don’t fit within the fixed pane width, IoTaWatt wraps the too-long text to a second line, causing everything below it to ‘jump’ downwards (see attached video).

I tried dragging the pane’s right edge to widen it, as most Windows panes allow, but no-go.

Is there a simple change that can be made in the firmware (maybe the SD card files?) to make the Status pane wider, so this doesn’t happen? It’s most annoying when trying to read lines below the one(s) causing the ‘jumping’, as they jump up-and-down!


The technology you are talking about is called “adaptive”, and the IoTaWatt config app doesn’t use it. Adaptive relies on loading JavaScript files, typically from a CDN. The config app is deliberately minimalist so that it can work without internet connection.

The IoTaWatt firmware has nothing to do with this, it’s completely a function of the index.htm file on the SD card. Using shorter names will eliminate the issue.

Thanks Bob.

But given that IoTaWatt appears to allow names up to 16 characters (with no spaces), I’m reluctant to use shorter, less descriptive names.

I had a look at Index.htm, and though not familiar with HTML language, thought that changing line 259 to this would fix it:

        <tr><th width="50%">Inputs</th><th width="50%">Outputs</th></tr>

It did!


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