Status page on a Tablet not refreshing

I have the iotwatt’s status page showing on a tablet so the family can see power consumption and solar generation, it has no password/auth applied.
But a few times a day it will stop refreshing and you need to touch on ‘Status’ to kick off the live fresh again.

Any suggestions on best setup and practice for this?
Any plans for an improved status page, for those that dont really want to get into all that influx/grafana jazz?


V &The status display, at one second update, isn’t intended to be a used that way, although I understand the intent. The. Config utility is event driven, and if it does not receive a response to a request, it will stop updating.

You may find that using Graph+ is useful. If you develop a plot of power usage with a time period that ends with the present time, there is an option to cause it to refresh on the plot interval. Here is a plot of the last 3 hours. I pressed the “refresh” button, which causes updates at the group interval of 15 seconds. The refresh button changes to freeze in this mode, which will revert to static display.