Store is accepting orders

The store is now accepting orders, and shipping will begin Monday.

The product bundles have been reorganized and hopefully simplified. Because of the extensive editing, I expect a few glitches as the first orders come in. We’ll work through it.

No idea at this point how well the USPS delivery is going to work. I give them credit for maintaining service through this ongoing crisis and will adjust business practices to accommodate their efforts. As charter members of a Covid high-risk group, my wife and I are remaining self-isolated, so I’ll just be dropping these packages off on the Post Office loading dock.

Again, no idea what will happen when international orders are handed over to your local postal affiliate for delivery. I suspect it will be a function of the extent of disruption which, as recipient, you will be in a better position to estimate.

Anyway, let’s have a go at it.


Hi, how can I buy IoTaWatt in the Czech Republic?

I have enabled shipping to Czech Republic.

OK. Thank you. I have already ordered.

Is there any possibility in getting an EU vendor? Buying from within the single market would reduce import/VAT charges and shipping time.

I would entertain an EU distributor relationship, but have no acceptable prospects right now. Interested parties could contact me.