Strange Graph+ output for voltage

If I graph the watts of my solar production I get this:

clicking the fill box I get this (basically the same graph):

Now if I switch over to volts:

but if I tick the fill box I get this:

By design?
The watts graph auto scaled to start at 0 W because of your usage patterns.

When you tell it to fill, you are saying I want to share from current value to the bottom. It looks like graph+ is interpreting that to mean all the way to 0 instead of the bottom of autoscale.

Grafana does it the way you like. I normally turn that off, since I don’t think the shading helps on a line graph. Grafana used to do it by default, but seem to have changed that in the last couple of years.

OK…took me a minute to really read through and catch that but I see what’s happening.

You can click the Y-Axis tab at the bottom and set min to 117 and it will match the line plot.

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Perfect, thanks, sorry for doubting you :slight_smile: