Stuff Shop is Suspending Orders

I’ve decided to suspend processing and shipping orders until the peak of the pandemic has passed and some semblance of normalcy returns. I can’t justify injecting non-critical packages into the global distribution system at a time when workers are at risk to handle and deliver them.

I’ll be continuing the normal forum support.

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Thank you for your consideration, and boo. I wanted to buy more CTs. :slight_smile: These are unprecedented times for sure, stay safe.

So… I hope this is taken as constructive. I appreciate your decision and it may be the right one. But there are a ton of people sitting at home getting increasingly desperate for distractions. Setting up new stuff is a great way to spend a few days. I’m not claiming this is “essential” shipments, but in terms of social utility it’s far, far from the bottom to give people some distraction.

PS. I offer that comment not needing anything from the store.