Subpanel reading half of expected - resolved

I have a new install and I think I have it set up right, but maybe not. I was experimenting with comparing the readings from a handheld clamp-on amp meter versus Iotawatt. I connected a load to a dedicated input using a 50A CT - both the handheld meter and Iotawatt read 11.2A. I then moved the load to a circuit on a subpanel - a detached garage. This is serviced with a 3-wire 240v service and I have two 100A CT inputs connected. I have an output created that adds these two inputs. When I run the load, the handheld meter still reads 11.2A (of course!), but the Iotawatt is only accounting for 5.5A (about half).
What might account for this?

Setting up those 100A CTs as 200A might.

They are a pair of AcuCT-H063-100’s and are set as such in Inputs.

Can you:

Post your inputs setup.

Connect the load to the Shed_1 side or swap the two Shed CTs and try again. (Ruling out bad CT)

I think I found the problem. When I went to do as you requested, I noted that one of the CT’s wasn’t fully clamped down. Swapped the CT’s regardless and made sure they were tightly clamped. The reading is now what I expect. Thanks!

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