Substantial changes to ALPHA later this week

At long last the project to add frequency specific phase corrections is ready for release. I intend to release it to ALPHA auto-update later this week. It is currently running on 4 systems here at the IoTaWatt development lab.

This release will be 02_04_00 (or 01). Over time, a lot of folks have migrated to ALPHA to get selected new functionality, so I thought I would take a minute to reiterate the purpose of the ALPHA auto-update class.

ALPHA auto-update is intended for users who feel confident that should an update fail catastrophically, they possess the skills to reflash their unit and do whatever else may be necessary with SDcard files to get back up and running. At a minimum they should be able to use Knock on wood, this has not yet been necessary. There was one release that cause 5 or 6 log files to become damaged, but no incidences of complete failure.

Previous large releases typically involved a compartmented new function like PVoutput or influxDB support. If that didn’t work properly, you could just turn it off. This change is more systemic. That said, I have pretty high confidence in the basic feature. I’m just concerned about possible unintended consequences that my test systems don’t reveal.

So if I’m making you uncomfortable with your ALPHA status, then I would encourage you to switch to BETA or MINOR right away. This change will probably burn in on ALPHA for a few weeks then move up the ladder to BETA and eventually MINOR pretty shortly thereafter. Again, it’s not about the new function not working, it’s about making sure there are no unintended consequence.


I switched to ALPHA for the purpose of getting PVOutput functionality. I am only marginally comfortable flashing my device so which do version do you recommend I downgrade to, @overeasy, BETA or MINOR?

MINOR is a safe bet. This release should get there in about a month.

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