Switching from eMonitor/SiteSage

I have panels already wired with CTs for the original eMonitor/Sitesage power monitoring system, 48 CTs in total. A quick search didn’t turn up anyone having done the conversion.

It looks like I just need to change the connectors and probably calibrate for the 3 types of CTs that I already have.

Any advice? I’m just starting reading the docs on the website

IoTaWatt inputs handle current transformers with 0-50mA output. I couldn’t find a description of the eMonitor CTs. It’s possible they are labelled with their electrical characteristics or that they are a common make/model. It’s possible that it will not be practical to adapt them to IoTaWatt. If you want to send me a pair of them, I will test for comparability. If they can be used, I would test for phase shift as well and add to the IoTaWatt tables, but I would also keep the two samples as I retain samples for all CTs defined in the IoTaWatt tables.

I have an extra pair of 50A split core CTs that can I send.

Google Photos

Those are voltage type CTs, and are not compatible with IoTaWatt. sorry.

Well that’s a bummer. Thanks for the info.