Temperature sensor to IoTaWatt - will it work?


First I must say that IoTaWatt works great with emoncms. I love the easy installation and the online graphs
I have a little question / feature request:

Can you add support to something like this:

Will it work with IoTaWatt ?


The esp8266 can read one or more DS18B20. But, I don’t think it really makes sense for iotawatt to do that. The HW would need to be modified to provide direct access to one of the digital pins, currently the inputs connect to the ADC, which won’t work for the DS18B20.

I use Wemos D1 (or NodeMCU) devices either running custom FW or Tasmota to get temperature. Tasmota outputs MQTT. I use NodeRED to send the data from MQTT to emoncms. The custom FW can do it directly.

@frogmore is right. IoTaWatt inputs are not suited to that. Those particular sensors use a unique “one wire” digital protocol. Typical HVAC type devices use 10K sensors which are temperature sensitive resistors. IoTaWatt doesn’t have any spare inputs to add new functions without adding a lot of extra components to multiplex the existing pins.

There are a ton of other devices out there that do temperature, humidity, and a host of other environmental sensing. OEM has some of that. I’m trying to keep IoTaWatt as the devicethat does electric power well, and resisting making it into an energy Swiss Army knife.

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got it,
thank you for the prompt response