Thanks to Devs and Static IP question

One week user here, installed it the day it showed up. Everything flawless except for setting static IP address (so easy on Linux, on the devices) and I learned that the dumbed-down Xfinity routers don’t let you do this (at least not easily.) I thought I could arp -s and set it by the mac of the iotawatt, but that didn’t work either.

Advice appreciated, but basically experimenting with Graph+ for a while before I dive into Emoncms and some custom panels. Then I’m sure I’ll be back here with more questions. So far, so good.

Really great device. Good on ya.

Check the routers dhcp settings. Most have a way of reserving IPs.

If that isn’t possible (and you don’t have many devices on the network) then set the dhcp lease time to something long. The Iotawatt will keep the same IP address for that duration.

Further option. Run a dhcp server on a raspberry pi (which could also do Grafana and capture the data from the iotawatt.) Use that dhcp to issue static ips on the network (disabling the one on the router)

Got it. Reserved my address. Things are looking good.