Thinking about IotaWatt

Hello, I’m thinking about buying a new power monitor.

I have used a TED Pro 6000 (with a Spyder) system for many years. The base unit failed me 2 years ago. I have a functional MTU (2 CT) attached to a spyder (8 CT) but as the base is broken I can’t read anymore the data, so the overall system is useless. Buying a new TED base is a 100$.

Now as I have Home asistant, Mosquito MQTT and docker at my home I’m looking more towards turning to something more open source like IotaWatt. I have played with a raspberry and installed EmonCMS in it.

Before buying IoTaWatt, some questions:

  • What do you think would be best for me, buy iotawatt, replace the TED base unit or look at another system(Emporia Vue) ?
  • Can we buy a cheaper striped down iotaWatt unit ? (I already have some esp32 and 10 CT’s)
  • Will I be able to use my 10 existing CT’s(2 of them are bigger and connected to the main) with iotawatt ? (I will solder 3.5mm plugs to them, so my guess is yes)
  • What would be an ideal local software setup ? Do I send the data to EmonCMS on my raspberry ? Do I install influxDB on my docker (I feel this one may be better) ? What’s the best way to read the data (home-assistant, EmonCMS, other) ?

All I can do is speak for IoTaWatt. Tell me what you want to do and I’ll say whether it can do it.

You can buy the components a-la-carte, but there is only one standard model base unit.

If they are 0-50 mA output.

You really don’t need anything beyond the IoTaWatt. It has a built-in database that will hold 10 year’s worth of data, a web server with a graphing app, and an API query.

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