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one question: Do I understand it correctly that the datalog is monotonically increasing for a connection without pv? Does this mean that the last entry in the datalog contains the total kWh, since the beginning of the recording? So it would be easy to access? Is it possible to access this via Graph+ or also from Home Assistant?
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More specifically for an input that doesn’t have
“Allow negative values” set.

Among other things, yes.

Somewhat. With graph+, specify group=ALL and the returned value will be the total for the defined period. If the defined period is before the IoTaWatt was commissioned and the end is the current date and time, you will get the total.

HASS uses query, and while you can easily get the number from the Query API, the HASS integration does not do that. HASS Energy itself does accumulate entity kWh but the whole thing is fatally flawed because it doesn’t allow IoTaWatt to upload missed history like emoncms, influx or PVoutput. The HASS/IoTaWatt integration is also not something that I have any control, or even influence, over. The current maintainer will not make changes that do not serve his own interests, and the HASS developers will not allow IoTaWatt outputs to be treated in basically the same way that they treat MQTT inputs. My opinion is that their energy component can only be useful as a real-time dashboard.

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Thank‘s for the detailed and helpful information!

Will now also test the direct Home Assistant integration. I have Home Assistant running for a while, but I had integrated the IoTaWatt via the emoncms detour.