Trouble getting started - Resolved

Hi all,

I’m a complete beginner at all of this, but I’m learning as I go.

I’ve just had the IotaWatt installed by an electrician, but I cant seem to get any data to come through on any input. I assume this is because I haven’t configured the Reference VT correctly, it shows 0 on the configuration page and I’m not exactly sure how to get the “Calibration Factor”. I have a power meter that I can plug in, do I need to plug that into the meter box power outlet, then plug the IotaWatt 9VAC plug into the meter? I could be mistaken, but I couldn’t see anything about that in the documentation.

The 9VAC adaptor that I have is not the PowerTech MP-3027, the store I went to didn’t have it, I have the PowerTech MP-3484 which is 9VDC 1.66A. I assume this is the problem, if someone could explain to me how I get the calibration factor that would be great.

Appreciate any help.

IotaWatt Calibration

That adapter is DC. You need an AC transformer. If Jaycar is out, you can try the new model at Radio Parts M9233.

Haha… Wow, I had one job. Thanks very much for the help.