TVS diodes for board protection

I’m using the Iotawatt schematic to build a version using the Particle Photon, mostly because I have them laying around. I saw that you’re using a d5v0p4ur6so for TVS to protect the ADC inputs and to meet the static discharge protection that it looks like your certified version needed.

Is that something that is required/recommended to incorporate, based on a 3.3 V and the op-amp buffered voltage, what changes, if any, do you have to do to the math to take this into account, being that the Vrwv is 3.3VDC?

It seems like it would be a great addition for those CTs that don’t have their own TVS.

IoTaWatt works the same with or without the TVS ICs. They are only there for transient protection.

Not the same thing. TVS diodes for CTs are for when they are NOT connected. When they are connected, they are more than adequately protected by the burden resistors.

I read that about TVS for the CTs, it makes sense now. I saw TVS in two spots and confused the two, thank you for clarifying.