Two Panels, One IoTaWatt?

My house has 400a service and is set up with two 200a panels, split phase. My heat pump/air handler has breakers in both panels so I installed an Orbit box with 1" conduit runs to each panel and plan to pull CTs from in from each. My question here is about the mains. Can one IotaWatt be connected to all four mains (two from each panel) using four 200a CT’s? Put another way, does IotaWatt (or the software) care what line(s) are monitored as long as the inputs are under 50ma?

Short answer is that will work fine.

No, it doesn’t care. All of the inputs are equally capable.

One last question - do you get “extra points” for being blindingly fast on your support? :smile: That turnaround was amazing…

Truth is, there is very little support needed. Don’t know if you’re old enough to remember the lonely Maytag repairman commercials. That’s me. I get one, maybe two, inquiries a day, and I can usually quick answer on my phone. The docs do the heavy lifting.