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So I kinda feel like I shouldn’t start a new post just to ask a question, so I’m asking it here… when will I be able to set the exact time that the graphs represent… I’m not that good at math to figure out how many seconds to type…
Also how often does the page to view graphs and setup the iotawatt not work… it’s saying can’t connect to server aga8n

No problem, I’ve got tons of time to do it for you.

It will be in the next release, which I expect to go ALPHA within the next month or two, but no guarantees.

No math required with the current graph. Just use this Epoch Converter to covert your date and time and copy/paste.

I give up, how often?

I meant I didn’t think I should just for a question… I guess that was sarcasm… I’m sure your a busy fella… I will start a new post for a question from now on, sorry bout that. Thx for the epoch…
I see I was supposed to ask a question in the support part of this forum I guess. Forgive me… I havnt used computers much in my day. The graphs page is working again… happened like 4 times since I’ve had iotawatt… no big deal for now