Two to Three off grid inverters under one IotaWatt

I have been tying to test my second IotaWatt on a second Victron 239v inverter, so as to monitor both outputs before sending the data to pvoutput, I have found that I can’t seem to be able to do that, I think it is to do with the hertz of each separate inverter not running in phase with each other, each output 230v, on the second CT that has the other inverter produces a graph that looks like a sine wave, as I don’t want to buy a third and forth Iotawatt just for monitoring each separate inverter as a have another Victron inverter to add so that will make 3 separate 230v inverter, one at 5kw and 2 at 800w.
Just wondering if there is a work around of possible firmware update that would allow monitoring of these 3 Victron inverters with one IotaWatt?

On having a look at the other 2 phase voltage inputs, can they be used as separate voltage input that have no reference to each other voltage reference?, and then pick the phase voltage transformer you want along with the CT inputs?, would this get around the problem of be able to runs 3 inverters on one IotaWatt?, each inverter has a separate voltage reference plug into each voltage input of the IotaWatt

I don’t fully understand the situation. Is the output of these two inverters combined or do they feed separate and disconnected loads?

Also, you appear to have inputs and outputs with the same name. That’s not a good idea.

They are totally separate inverters, not combined at all, each inverter is standalone, can a add a VT into the additional VT ports from each standalone inverter?, then select the CT port and VT port that matches the current and phase that each inverter uses in the setup inputs?

Yes,you can add another VT to reference the voltage (and phase) of the second inverter. Once you add the VT, each CT setup menu will have an additional parameter called Vref that will default to the Input_0 VT. Select the new VT for CTs that are on the second inverter.

Same can be done with a third inverter if added. Remember that the channel 13 or 14 CT inputs cannot be used when employing the corresponding VT input.

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I will buy a couple of VT today at Jaycar and test it out, Thanks greatly overeasy I think that I might be the first to try separate VT that are not on the same phase circuit?.

Well, direct reference three- phase is essentially that. Also there are some battery customers where a panel is switched between grid and inverter while other circuits are grid only requiring a separate VT on the switched panel.

So not quite on the bleeding edge but doing something that I don’t believe any other monitor can do.

I setup the second VT and CT on channel 11 and 13, everything looks like it’s working after calibration and the IotaWatt is treating them a separate systems
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