UK: available stock?

Hi All, Apologies if this question is a familiar one: is anyone having available stock in the UK or we need to order directly from US shop? Looking forward to hear from you as I am keen to get one of these energy monitors running and building some data describing our household energy consumption.

Sorry, no UK or other EU distributor.

Yes you need to order from the us shop. Allow 3 weeks for delivery. It is 50:50 whether it gets flagged for VAT etc in customs. If it does you pay online (plus the circa £10 handling fee)

@philrob @overeasy thank you for your kind prompt reply with details. It is a pity that there is no UK person to stock it. I have to arm myself with a bit of patience and order it via us shop.

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I ordered mine on the 28th of March, and it was delivered on the 8th of April. There was a £31.21 customs charge and £8 handling fee to pay on a $211 order.

I bought the voltage transformer from the Open Energy Monitor shop, as Farnell and RS were more expensive. As a bonus, they give you some credit for Emoncms.