Unable to detect VT

Heya. I purchased the hardware about 12 months ago, and being Australia I didn’t order the VT transformer. Instead purchasing one here.

I haven’t had a chance to set it up until now. I have used a 12v and now a 9v transformer and have tested the voltage via a multimeter. But it isn’t showing as any voltage in the web interface. Either on input 0 or 13 and 14. I have opened the case up and nothing seems to be loose or disconnected.

Was wondering what might be wrong, if you have an idea? I am on the latest firmware - but was on the earlier one with the same results.

Thank you

As I read this you are saying that you are using a 9V “transformer” and have tested to see that it does output ~9V but when connected to the IoTaWatt you get zero volts in any of the ports 0, 13 and 14.

The most common reason for this is that you may be using a 9V DC “transformer” rather than a 9VAC transformer. You can get one from SmartGuys Australia.

If you are using a 9VAC transformer, please post screenshots of your inputs setup with the transformer in input 0 as well as a screenshot of the status display with all of the tabs expanded.

Ah. That is spot on! How did I miss that it needed to be AC, I just presumed DC for some reason! Will go get one. Thanks.

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For best results, you should strive to get one of the models that has been tested and listed in the IoTaWatt VT setup list. In addition to actual voltage calibration, the phase shift characteristics have been measured and IoTaWatt will correct for it.

Heya. Purchased that power supply from SmartGuys - came super fast - and it all works great now. Thank you.