Uninterruptible Power Supply

Do you see a potential “problem” or something against to:

  1. Power the IoTaWatt from the UPS
  2. Connect the Power voltage reference of the IoTaWatt to the same Phase where the UPS is taking the power (before the UPS)


The unit was not originally designed to work while there is no voltage signal. Instead, it is designed to come back up within seconds when power is restored. There is a problem when using a UPS in that it does not sample while the VT is not producing a signal. That is fixed in an upcoming release, but in the meantime don’t expect much when the power is out.

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My primary goal is to somehow protect the IoTaWatt from short power fail, as I presume that power removal may cause a corrupted file or database.

What is your point of view regarding the risk of removing power of IoTaWatt?