Unit down: green light, no sending, no webserver - resolved




So I’d recommend doing this is the sequence listed:

  • Power down the IoTaWatt.
  • Remove the SDcard and mount in a computer.
  • Delete the entire directory iotawatt (includes all logs)
  • Edit the config file to change the update class from MAJOR to BETA
  • Reinsert the SDcard and restart

The IoTaWatt will update to release 02_03_16 and may take a minute or two.


:champagne::champagne::champagne: congratulation, and many, many thanks for this effort from your side.
It works like it did. Tomorrow I will mount it to the sensors.
How could it happen? What update class would you recommand? I chose it with the sentence in mind: Never change a running system.
Now I have to see how to clean the trash out of emoncms.


You did all the work. I’m still not positive the SDcard is viable, but fingers crossed. I’d recommend leaving it BETA for awhile, at least until 02_03_16 is the MINOR update class.

Good luck.