Unsure what to purchase assistance appreciated

I have the following:

200 Amp main board ( 120 V Canada)
100 amp jumper box for electric furnace
More than 14 other breakers

I would like to set this up with all of my breakers being monitored, but not sure if I need 2 main units, or even if 2 main IoTa units can work together.

One IoTaWatt has 14 inputs. Typically, one input is used for each CT, but there are strategies for combining multiple circuits into one input.

Multiple IoTaWatt base units can be used, but they need to be set to upload to a common external database like influxDB or Emoncms to aggregate the data.

All that said, most users do not monitor all circuits. If your service is like most, something like the 80/20 rule probably applies with 20% of your circuits accounting for 80% of your energy use.

It’s very common for new users to want to just monitor everything. I usually advise starting with one IoTaWatt and monitoring the mains and selected circuits. After getting preliminary data, most realize that is adequate.

Ok, thanks for your guidance.

I’ll do the mains, furnace, water heater, dryer, stove and several others to get started.