Update graphs automatically when names of the inputs are changed


I’ve just got the iotawatt and have 10 inputs. I’ve noticed that when I change the name of any input, the graphs don’t update and start showing errors.

I have to go into the file editor and change the input names in the json file myself.

Can you please do this on your side automatically? Should be an easy fix.

That’s not an easy thing to detect and it’s not clear what the reaction should be. Scripts (outputs, server configurations) use the numerical input number, so would appear to do what you are asking for. But that has caused an opposite problem in that moving an input name to a different physical input is not “fixed” in the script (but works fine in Graph+ and query).

If you are planning to do a lot of input name changing and want graphs to reference the input rather than the name, I’d suggest you exploit the way the script system works by creating outputs that simply reference the appropriate inputs, and select those outputs in your graphs. Then if you change an input name, the output, by referencing the name of the physical input, will use the new name and provide indirection when used in Graph+…

Another approach to fixing your saved graph, rather than editing the Json, would be to define an output with the old name that references the new name. The graph will now work again, and you can fix it by simply selecting the new name, deselecting the old and saving.

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