Upload new output

I’ve finally got round to getting my upload from Iotawatt to InfluxDB done for the first 6 months of data - it took a couple of days to catch up, but all the records are there (I presume - I don’t think I’m going to check all 23 million of them :slight_smile: )

I want to add a couple more calculated output fields from Iotawatt, and I’m wondering if I do, and set the start date back to 1/1/2021, will it only upload and backfill the new calculated field, or will it upload everything again?

If it does upload everything again, will I end up with double the data points in Influx, or will it overwrite the ones that are already there?



First, if these calculations can be done with the data already uploaded, you can generate the data with an influx query, which would be relatively instantaneous.

Assuming you cannot, you will need to delete the history from influx and restart your upload including the new measurements.