Uploader influxDB v2 Cloud


I’ve configured influxDB v2 uploader, though I’m not seeing an uploader tab or anyway to check if IotaWatt is trying to send data to influx. Please advise.

IotaWatt dashboard

Do you have a https proxy server configured?

No sir, what is needed for this?

I just poked around and saw the HTTPS proxy server documentation. So I need to setup NGINX on a RPi, even when using the cloud version of influxDB. Excuse my ignorance, I’m new to all of this, but willing to go purchase a RPi to make this work. Thank you!

You may find it difficult to get an RPi these days, but NGINX runs on a lot of processors. Also, HTTPS is only required for the cloud version of influxDB. I believe it’s an AWS thing. You may find it easier just to install influxDB on the RPi (or alternative) and upload directly using HTTP.

Can I use an Arduino?

Negative. A NAS box works well, or any computer running Linux.

FWIW I’m running influxDB v1.8 on a local 32-bit RPi. I see this:

influxDB v2 needs a 64-bit OS on the RPi which has now been released but I haven’t experimented with it yet. Would be interested to hear from anyone else going down that path.