Uploading to PVOutput

Hello Bob, I bought my IoTaWatt for my home (single phase) last October and whilst I do need to install it properly it works well thank you with Emoncms. It seems to be updating automatically too and checking just now it is at firmware version 02_02_30.

For several years I have been automatically uploading my solar PV stats (only no imported / consumption data) to PVOutput from my SMA inverter that links via Bluetooth to a Raspberry Pi running an earlier version of this software:

I would like though to consider using IoTaWatt instead of the Pi and then I can also upload my consumption to PVOutput. I recall, I think, you saying that you might introduce PVOutput uploading and wondered if that was still on the cards?

I also have a three phase commercial building with two 3ph (south & west facing) solar PV inverters where I would also like to introduce an IoTaWatt and again to monitor consumption taking up a total of nine ports.

When you have a minute please could you let me know about any plans to introduce PVOutput uploading.

Thank you, Regards, Steve

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Hi Steve,

A timely question. I’m just completing some major changes that allow IoTaWatt to configure and run multiple web posting services. That was a prerequisite for adding services like pvoutput, which is now on the shortlist.

Regarding three-phase, the feedback has been good for the Derived Reference method that uses one VT for three-phase. You might consider doing that to get started, and see how it works out. Folks are using it with three phase solar inverters as well. If you keep two inputs in reserve, it can always be easily upgraded to use additional VTs for direct reference.