USA Sourcing status

Is there an update regarding USA sourcing? I saw various postings regarding certification, etc but don’t see any information about purchasing from a US based source. If I missed it, please accept my apology.


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All of the approvals are in place. Certification of those approvals is the final hurdle. The assembly point has to be inspected. Just received final approval on the certification mark label today and ordered a supply.

I’m sure it would have gone faster with someone experienced at this doing it full time, but the current expected availability is August 1. There is an inventory of IoTaWatt, power supplies are in, VTs are in, there’s a selection of CTs in stock - just waiting for the final steps and to put up some kind of web store.

Thanks to everyone for their patience.


Thanks for the update

I’m in on this one also. Can’t wait for a US edition to be available in the near future! Keep up the great work. Would love a ping when things get going and you have some pricing info up.

Me too. Any update on USA sourcing? I’d prefer to buy from a US source, and US certified gear.


Been keeping an eye on this since the initial announcement but was turned off that the only off-the-shelf source was overseas. I was excited to check back in and see talk of a USA source. Have you decided on the pricing yet?

I’m still on the fence regards to make vs buy. On one hand I’m tempted to adapt the PCB for for ESP32 or ethernet, on the other hand, that case looks very slick!

I’ve been putting together an ecommerce site. Hope to get it done by end of next week.


Definitely looking forward to this!

I’ve been debating buy vs. build monitoring options for a while but this looks perfect. Getting a new main panel next week, wish I could order now and install everything at once!