Usage isn't adding up

I think I might have something setup incorrectly, because I have a CT on each of my main power cables (I call them Main_L and Main_R) and then I have some individual circuits being monitored. From the looks of it, my Tesla charger is using more power that the Mains combined is reporting. (The Tesla itself is reporting 48A/235V which is around 11,280W which aligns with the Tesla CT). Any idea what’s going on?

Here are the CTs.

First thing I would do is check the Main_R CT. It is reading low. Probably not closed properly or maybe some impurities between the mating cores. Also check if the core is cracked or otherwise broken.

Thank you! That was it. the CT was popped open. I closed it and now see this:

Any chance there could be something wrong with the washer CT (it looks fine)? The PF seems a lot lower than the others. Or is that normal for a washing machine and dryer.

Not normal for an common dryer, but could be for a washing machine. We have a Maytag with a VFD motor that can have a low PF because the 120V single phase is converted to DC which is then converted to three-phase VFD. Very nice, simple machine. Have had it 25 years replacing only a few bearings and seals.

You might want to create some outputs to show total poster (sum of mains) and “unmeasured” power (sum of main minus all of the other inputs.

Thank you for that tip. I was actually just reading up on those. Good timing.