USB Power Supply missing?

Good morning,

I recently (11/4) purchased two generic kits with a total of 28 CT’s.

Was I supposed to receive USB power supplies? My box contained the Iotawatts, the reference voltage transformers, and the 28 CT’s (although I did stupidly order the wrong size on two of the CTs).

I thought it was no big deal, I have a lot of micro-usb cables and USB power supplies. But I have tried 4 different makes of micro-USB cable and I cannot get any of them to mate with that connector. Did not want to push very hard since that looks to just be a surface mount part.

Did I order the wrong thing? Did you forget a part? Am I stupid?


Does NOT include the USB power supply, unless you specifically add it to the bundle.

I have older base units and the plastic case is quite thick on them. They need cables that have long noses. Only some of my many cables will work. The supply that is available in the Iotawatt store works well.

The only item included standard is the base unit.

The USB supply offered as an add-on to the Generic Kit, while good for 100V-270V AC, has a Euro two-pin Type C plug.

They are made by CUI and a 120V US plug version is available from Digikey and others. Due to supply chain issues and the 25% China-US tariff, I’ve been using another brand made in Cambodia for the past few years with good results.