USB Power Supply?


I am in Australia and have an IoTaWatt bundle arriving any day now :slight_smile:

I have been to my local jaycar and bought the MP3027 reference AC supply.

I was looking for a USB 5V supply, the alternative supply page links to this
However Amazon tells me that its going to take 20 days before it gets to me :frowning:

Browsing Amazon and EBAY, is there anything I should be looking for in terms of minimum requirements? I can see a number of them listed with a 2.5A rating (the one linked on the alt power supply page is 3A)
I am assuming I should look for a power supply (eg something suitable for rasberry pi-3) as opposed to a phone charger?

Thanks, Mark

That’s right. Pi supplies these days are pretty big due to the newer models. IoTaWatt only needs about 3 Watts (600mA), but more is OK.

Some phone chargers are better than others and work OK, but I do recommend a low ripple switching power supply.

I’ve been driving mine here in AU on a Nokia wall wart phone charger for 3 years with no issues.