Useless decimal point?

Can anyone tell me why the Output ‘calculator’ keypad includes a decimal point, but doesn’t allow it to be used to enter a decimal fraction?

For example, if I try to enter:
Main x 0.123
what comes up on the result field is:
Main x 123

Seems strange to provide a button that can’t be used! And it’s not because IoTaWatt can’t handle fractional arithmetic – it can. The result from the above example can be correctly obtained with this Output specification:
Main x (123÷1000)


Looks like you found a bug. You can enter, for instance 1.123. I’ll take a look, or you can. For now, workaround might be something like ( 1.123 - 1).

Thanks Bob.

Your work-around is computationally more efficient than mine.

Sadly, my understanding of C++, HTML, and your code in general is minimal, so I’ll have to leave it to you (or others) to correct. And maybe you/they could look at the ± button operation while there? Not urgent, of course, since there are work-arounds for both.