Using Iotawatt for 440/480 Volt lines


I was wondering if anyone in this forum has experience using Iotawatt with higher voltages, specifically 440/480 volts. There may be as well a 480 V to 9 V AC/AC transformer, but so far I have not been able to find one.

My instinct is that you could line up 2 AC/AC voltage transformers: one from 480 to 240 or 120 volts and another from 240 or 120 to 9 Volts which is what the Iotawatt can take.

Your help will be greatly appreciated for any issues that may come up with this configuration and apologies in advance if this topic has been mentioned before!

There are several industrial sites using 277V/480V and quite a few with 230V/400V. See this industrial 480V site.

As far as I know, all of these sites are four-wire three-phase, so the reference voltage is line to neutral (230V or 277V). IoTaWatt can “derive” everything else from that.

Your suggestion to step down 480V->240V>9V should work but the combined phase shift of two transformers may be excessive. It might be better to simply connect the primaries of two standard 240V->9V transformers in series.