V5 IoTaWatt is here!

Things have finally come together. The PCBs have been made and a limited run of the new enclosures are in-house, so the V5 IoTaWatt base is now available in the stuff shop.

This latest version features a new enclosure with integrated wall mount, but most significantly has two additional VT inputs that allow optional native connection of additional VTs to inputs 13 and 14 instead of using the CT inputs. This change facilitates direct reference three-phase, and also any other use of additional voltage reference.

In my home, I am running a 240V voltage reference in addition to the traditional 120V reference for split-phase North-American systems. I’ll blog about the data I have collected at a later time. There are some other uses for this capability that the versatile architecture of IoTaWatt can take advantage of.

The V5 is offered as an optional upgrade in all of the bundles in the stuff shop. There are no plans to continue the V4 units once the current inventory runs out.

I plan to upgrade the documentation over the next few days. There are currently references to a V4.9 unit in the three-phase section. That was the prototype number for these V5 units, so they are the same.

UPDATE: I didn’t mention that with the new case, base units are now fully made in USA.


Congratulations on bringing this to fruition, @overeasy .

Great to see continual improvement of the IoTaWatt platform! Reaffirms my decision to invest in this technology! Thank you!