Valid chars for InfluxDB password? - RESOLVED

What are valid chars for passwords as an error was received entering a password that had alphanumeric plus space, underscore, and hyphen? Password length was 17 chars.


pwdInput.pattern = “^[A-Za-z0-9_!%@#]{0,16}”;

This is the regular expression that validates the password.
It should allow any password composed of the characters: A-Z a-z 0-9 _!%@#
length is 1-16 characters

So no space and no hyphen allowed.

Thanks for the quick response!

is it possible to add characters like “?” in the regular expression for validating passwords?
I recently had to change the server that was hosting my influxdb and now I can’t connect due to this limitation. changing the server PWD is not easy since it impacts many other services:(


It looks like a question mark would be OK, is that all you had in mind?

yes! I have question mark in the password and it is not taking it (illegal character).
I was poking around the index.htm and I found some places for the PWD checking (I got the idea from the previous post you had with 16 character limitation). I didn’t want to make any changes as I am concerned with breaking the FW:)


I think that’s OK. You are only modifying the configuration app. I don’t know how you are accessing index.htm, but if you use the file manager/editor, you can make the change and then use ctrl-s to save. Return to the config app, reload it, and try to use the ?. Should work.

If it all goes well, submit for a PR or post an issue in github and I’ll make it part of the next release.

Good luck. Bob

Hi Bob
thanks for the help… I made the change and all is good now.
I will try to add this request into Github and hope it can be incorporated in the next release.

many thanks