Very good accuracy

I thought this was interesting. I switched my ATS to generator power, and then overlaid the CT’s between total power consumption (Calculation with Main + Sub Panel) and the current on the Generator input in the ATS

The Generator has 2 x ECS25200-C2 200a CT’s, and the other measurements are 4 x 200a AccuCT’s

Whats interesting here is just how well they line up, L1 (Top) Pretty much lines up 100%

L2 however, does not. There is a 30w difference. I spent all day looking, and the Generator and or the Generator ATS uses 30w on the built in 120v circuit which of course is not included in my home panels

I would honestly be surprised if 2 different CT’s lined up in this case, let alone 2 with 4 of a different kind

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