Victron Energy venus-docker-grafana with iotawatt


I am new to iotaWatt but have it up and running. I currently have an instance of Victron Energy Venus with Docker, InfluxDB and Grafana running on my solar / battery system. Now that I have iotaWatt also running I would like to integrate into my current version of Docker, InfluxDB and Grafana dashboards. Has anyone accomplished this? Can someone help me get started in the correct direction? I am also new to InfluxDB and Grafana. Thank you in advance for understanding and your support.


Hi Swannie,

I have a iotawatt → influx → grafana system running. You can see the end results at (commericial) and the behind-the-scenes notes at

It’s not a complete guide, but might help. A big caveat (in my eyes) is that Flux (i.e. language for Influx V2) is depreciated. For your purposes (i.e. standalone, unchanging) it might be ok but it’s a lot of work to learn a ‘dead’ langugage.

Thank you so much for sharing Brett! I will check it out.