Voltage vs current output CTs - VT vs CT

Quick question.
Recently bought an IoTaWatt in Australia. The retailer has no CTs in stock.
YHDC are commonly available but all retailers on Ebay only seem to have stocks in most amperages of the voltage output as opposed to the current output type.
I would like to get a 100A and several 50A and 30A and one 10A for PV output.
Are the voltage output and current output versions of a similar performance? And what are the pros and cons of each type?
Thanks for any advice you may be able to offer.

I recommend using all SCT013-000 which are current output 100A:50mA. They are supported in the config tables. The voltage type doesn’t work straight up and are really based on the same 100A core, so no real difference in resolution. You will get good results with the 100A at all levels. Also, be careful, there are counterfeits out there. Be sure it says YHDC.

As Overeasy said, make sure you get the real thing. I ordered 4 from an Amazon reseller in Australia. The photo clearly showed YHDC. Yet when they arrived they were YHDQ (clones).

Clone Current Transformers

The seller did replace them at no charge.

Wasn’t this listing was it?

Yes, that was the one, back in November. You can find the direct website by a Google search for the seller name (rather than post it here). The direct website shows out of stock of the genuine ones, but has clones for sale.

He claimed it was a mistake so I will give the benefit of doubt. If you order these now and get clones then clearly it is not a mistake. If you proceed, maybe you could let me know the outcome.


Yeh he’s only listing YHDQ on Ebay. Curious.

Might message him about the Amazon listing before I plonk my hard-earned down.

Had a reply form the vendor. The ones on the Ebay site are YHDQ. The others are YHDC. Getting new stock of YHDC shorttly.

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