VT displaying 0V on status

Hi, just received IOTaWatt unit and Ideal 77DB-06-09(UK) from recommended supplier. Status screen was displaying 0 V from port 0 (VT). Checked and sure enough Ideal unit was DOA. Swapped out with alternate unit registering 12V and still seeing 0V on the status screen for port 0. Any ideas on next steps, please.


Is the alternate supply outputting AC or DC?

AC 11.47V on a replacement Ideal 77DB-0609

the IoTaWatt unit is now displaying 3 red lights in sequence. If if remove the VT and restart I get a steady green, plug in the VT and the status lights go to 3 red in sequence.


What was your order number?

Order #127763. 14th November 2022



The led sequence indicates an SD card problem. Please see this post for an explanation. There are several resolutions described. Please read it over and decide how you want to proceed.

You also reported a problem with your VT. That would not be associated with the SD card problem, but one thing at a time.