VT informations request

Goodmorning all,
I’m new in the community, nice to meet you guys.

I have a question about the voltage reference.
I would like to monitor only 3 main applliances power supplied from my electrical panel.

  • The first is single phase requiring 230 V
  • The second is single phase requiring 380 V
  • The third is three phase requiring 400V (and for it I want to use a single voltage reference)

I’ve read the Iottawatt version 5 can handle 3 different voltage references at the same time.
For each one of them I need a voltage trasformer and a plug. Am I right?
Doesn’t exist another solution for my case?

I’ve already read something similar here: Large Number of Breakers, but I don’t think it fits very well my case.

Of course if I will install it i will ask to a certified electrician, so don’t worry about that.

Thank you in advance for your time, have a nice day.

No problem

You will need to explain this. In a 230V three-phase service, the phase to neutral is 230V and the phase-phase is 400V. If you are talking about a 400V single phase load across two legs of the three-phase the answer is yes, that can be done.

Yes, three-phase load can be measured using three CTs, and it can be done with one VT (derived reference) or three VTs (direct reference).

Yes, but you can also use a single VT and have the IoTaWatt derive the other two by phase shifting the single VT signal. Probably 90% or more of IoTaWatt three phase do that with satisfactory results.

Thank you for your answer @overeasy.

Yes, you’re right, I was meaning that.

And you said this:

But maybe I didn’t explain my question very well.
I was still talking about my 3 appliances mentioned above.
Or is it possible, by phase shifting, to use a single VT for all my 3 appliances? In order to have a 230 V and a 400 V reference.